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2019 Lawrence High School

By Josh Choi, 03/10/19, 7:30PM EDT


After coming off a tough season, the Lawrence Tornadoes and new Head Coach Tommy Beirne look to bounce back and become a annual contender. Don’t be surprised if the Lawrence baseball team begins to make huge advances.Despite being a newcomer at the High School level Coach Tommy Bernie has an abundance of baseball experience. Coach Beirne served as an assistant coach and the recruiting coordinator for the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) for 3 seasons. In the 2018 season, he received honorable mention as an assistant coach; some of his contributions to the team included cutting down the team errors from 121 (2017) to 51 (2018), along with raising the team batting average from .141 (2017) to .348 (2018).. This year’s theme for Lawrence? HUNGRY! The Lawrence Tornadoes Head Coach expressed his exhilaration of having the great opportunity to mentor the young core of players he has for this year; furthermore, he strongly believes that the team’s trust and unity will help them, both individually and collectively. Coach Beirne faithfully stated, “The one thing that stands out to me day after day is their constant effort to improve each other without judgment. They know that in order to succeed this year and change the program, they have to count on the person next to them.”

. In Beirne’s vision, the Lawrence Tornadoes’ great focus on “team effort” will determine how the season will roll out because he strongly supports how each player from Lawrence shows great value for the team. With Coach Bernie at the helm he looks to instill a new culture that will be reflective in their play. To bolster the culture, team unity and baseball within the community, the Lawrence Tornadoes varsity program hosted a community-wide clinic — run by the coaches and players — for students in grades 3-8 to promote the game of baseball in the Lawrence school district.

Coach Beirne, continued to praise his team to the point even he was shocked himself after seeing his players drastically improving during the offseason. The Dynamic Kim brothers Harrison and Tyler will play vital roles controlling the middle of the infield and pitching down the stretch for the Tornadoes. Leader and Anchor Nick Pasquariello will lead with his stick and spend time playing first, on the mound and anchored behind the plate when the team needs. Returning players that will play an important role are Seniors John Loughlin (P/Inf) and James Kelly (P/Inf). Despite being only Sophomores Tommy Rincon, and Junior Salomon look to play important roles filling any holes Coach Beirne needs. Aside from the returning players, one player that caught the team’s attention was Carey Davis, a freshman who looks to make an immediate impact in the next 4 years of his high school career.

The decorated collegiate coach looks to turn the tables for the Lawrence baseball team. Coming off a disturbing team performance in the previous run, the Lawrence Tornadoes look to make some noise this upcoming season and seasons beyond.