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2019 Westbury HS

By Josh Choi, 03/20/19, 8:30PM EDT


The Westbury Dragons have been quiet in the Nassau Baseball scene for a while. However, the Westbury Dragons have a JV program; whereas, some schools do not have one or are struggling to maintain one with the population from the rising grade starts to diminish each year. After developing in the farm system. Head Coach Todd Goodwin believes in the “young culture” for the long run, as the baseball program in Westbury grows stronger.

Fortunately for Westbury, Coach Goodwin sees light with the help of his two powerhouse players that can help the team grow. Devin Singh is one of the main leaders on the team, he is a senior that serves as the ace on the starting rotation and a shortstop. The All-Conference recipient has received a scholarship to play for Delaware State and St. John’s. The right-hand man for Singh is Saul Ventura, another senior who plays behind the plate but could also play in the outfield slot. Last season, Ventura was recognized by winning All-League Honors. The duo of Singh and Ventura lead the team in their team’s offensive categories, proving that they can boost the confidence for Westbury with their presences at the plate. The main role for this exceptional duo, besides leading by performance is to mentor their younger teammates, having the fact that the remaining players on the team are underclassmen.

As mentioned previously, the Westbury Dragons are strongly focusing on their youth, as they are intending to become stronger for the future with experience. This season, the Dragons will have four sophomores and one 8th grader on the team. Coach Goodwin shows excitement, claiming that “[He is] excited to see how our youth performs this season, as they will be experiencing varsity for the first time.”

Their goal this year is to continually improve and compete at a high level each game. They also hope to finish at least in the top half of their conference. Coach Goodwin expresses his strong belief in the young guys, imagining that the young guys now will carry the Dragons to competing in the coming years. Don’t forget to watch one of their “more” exciting games, as their biggest rivalries will be Roosevelt and West Hempstead. In the past, the results have always been very tight, and the series always ended up in a split decision. If this growing trend continues, the younger Dragons have the potential for bright future.