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Nassau AA Semifinals PREVIEW

By Josh Choi, 05/24/19, 2:15PM EDT


4 down, 4 to go. All the top seeds in the Nassau AA playoffs proved that they are the strongest competitors of them all. Port Washington, Massapequa, East Meadow, and Oceanside all focused on one thing: the Nassau AA title. Because these are the top 4 teams of Nassau AA, it also wouldn’t be surprising if an upset to advance to the Nassau AA Championship happened. In this article, you’ll see the updated accomplishments with some stats of each of the four semi finalist teams.


(1) Port Washington (13-2)

Port Washington is one of the dangerous teams competing for the Nassau AA Championship, having to win 8 consecutive games including 5 games against Baldwin (both regular season and postseason combined).

Alex Chang was absolutely brilliant for Port Washington this regular season. Including with the postseason, the Trinity College-commit has 6 wins, tied for having the second most wins as a pitcher in Nassau County. Chang never allowed more than 2 ER’s in a game, and never struck out less than 12. In his recent postseason start against Baldwin, Chang threw a complete game shutout, striking out 14 batters and only gave up 3 hits in the win and clinching to the semifinals.

Alex Chang also proves to have a significant role in the batting lineup for Port Washington; his notable performance recently was against Baldwin, Game 1 of the quarterfinals, going 2-3 with a run and a stolen base. Aside from Chang, Port Washington’s two main powerhouses also look to contribute heavily for the PW Vikings: Sean Meth and Jackson Sattinger, who both have 4 home runs apiece. Expect Meth and Sattinger to drive critical runs for the Vikings, along with Chang dominating both on the mound and at the plate.

(2) Massapequa (13-2)

Without a doubt, Massapequa is one of the favorites to win the Nassau AA County Championship, attempting to make history again. Their mission to three-peat put the teams in the Nassau AA conferences on full notice, hoping to ruin the Chiefs’ dream to retain the throne. Massapequa, being one of the favorites prior to the playoffs, still remain hot, as they continue to heat up and hopefully increase their current 7-game winning streak.

Massapequa, hands-down, is one of the most notable power hitting teams in Nassau County this year. They have many options in their lineup to heavily rely on including guys like Chris DeSousa, Nick Schwartz, and Wade Kelly, all hitting 3 home runs apiece so far in the 2019 run.

Watch for Massapequa’s dominant pitchers, Bobby Conlon and Derek Haag, who both have 5 wins in their 2019 season so far. Both pitchers have dominated against Syosset in the quarterfinals, combining only one earned run and allowed 5 hits through 10 innings.

(3) East Meadow (13-2)

East Meadow appears to be the dark horse in the upcoming Nassau AA County Championship. Now having to be tied with the top 2 seeds in the regular season, East Meadow appears to be much more confident in the spot that they’re in right now. With no question, East Meadow is also in a good spot if they continue to be consistent and dominate in their strong points against Massapequa.

For East Meadow, their biggest strength is the pitching staff. East Meadow’s pitching staff includes Charlie Cucchiara, Matthew Fried, and Sean Kennedy, who each have 6 wins currently so far in their 2019 run. Other than their offense, East Meadow successfully shut out Hicksville in their sweep against Hicksville, outscoring them 8:0. Charlie Cucchiara and Matthew Fried each threw a three-hitter and struck out 14 batters during their appearances against Hicksville. It wouldn’t be surprising if they continued to dominate against the powerhouse Massapequa.

As long as East Meadow can produce hits and drive in runs, the pitchers for East Meadow should hold off Massapequa, despite it being a very hard task.

(4) Oceanside (11-4)

Oceanside hopes to redeem themselves and win the gold prize after being defeated by Massapequa in the Nassau AA title match last season. This would be a great opportunity for the Sailors to face off Massapequa in the Nassau AA Championship if both Oceanside defeats Port Washington and Massapequa defeats East Meadow. After falling to Farmingdale in Game 1 of the quarterfinals, Oceanside quickly rebounded and took the next two games to move on to the next round.

Some of the notable players to look out for on the Oceanside Sailors roster include Noah Eisel, a New Haven-commit who displays his dominant presence both at the plate and on the mound. Eisel has an ERA of less than 1.50 and has won 3 games for Oceanside, while hitting just over .300 with 2 home runs.

Other players that can pose as a threat for opponents are Leo Alvarez and Austin Vlahakis. Alvarez drove in 5 runs for Oceanside against the series against Farmingdale.


The semifinals in the Nassau AA playoffs: (1)Port Washington vs (4)Oceanside &

(2)Massapequa vs (3)East Meadow. The Nassau A Semifinals will take place on Friday (5/24), Saturday (5/25), and — if necessary — Monday (5/27).

Both matchups should be close; our main prediction is that each game will be hard fought and be decided through critical, game changing plays in the late innings.

Although Oceanside may have BPM AA-2 Conference MVP Noah Eisel on the mound, Port Washington’s all-around game may be too much for the Oceanside Sailors. Don’t be surprised if Alex Chang, Sean Meth, and Jackson Sattinger dominate throughout the series, whether it’s at the plate or on the mound.

The series between Massapequa and East Meadow will for sure be a tough one to decide. The biggest matchup to look forward to this series is Massapequa’s power-hitting offense against East Meadow’s dominant pitching staff. We believe that East Meadow’s pitching staff can barely survive against Massapequa’s strong lineup, resulting to an upset victory and moving up to the Nassau AA Championship.


Port Washington beats Oceanside & ADVANCES IN 2.

East Meadow beats Massapequa & ADVANCES IN 3.