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8U Syosset Braves

By Mikey Domagala , 05/01/16, 3:30PM EDT


The 8U Syosset Braves are managed by Mathew Levy, Dan Garibaldi, Chris Bullaro, Larry Meltzer and Jeff Schwartzman. This team is playing in their second year together and the players have formed great bonds while playing together.
The starting pitchers consist of Ryan Costa, Thomas Martelli and Nikki Shah—all who have pitched beautifully in back-to-back years, The young men behind the plate are Max Garibaldi, Lance Levy and Ryan Steinberg, who are now learning to hold runners on base and to guide the outfielders on cutoffs. Both Sam Meltzer and Ryder Schwartzman have been fantastic utility players in all positions. The Braves’ lead off hitter is Carter Bullaro who has truly led by example. This season Syosset has four new players that joined the squad including Cooper Flaum, Aiden Kolberg, Landon Trivax and Zach Silver—each of them has shown a great commitment to the team and are looking to help lead Syosset to victory.
    The 8U Syosset Braves are looking to make a splash this spring with Hot Stove Baseball.