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Bethpage Eagles 10u

By Mikey Domagala , 05/01/16, 3:30PM EDT


Homeruns. Pitching. Depth. The 2016 10u Bethpage Eagles are ready for success with Hot Stove Baseball. With power hitters in Paul Valenti, Christian Considine, Anthony Faggiano, Ben Faggiano, Christopher Faggiano, Noah Royo, and Kyle Brindisi ready to drop more bombs than they did last year, the Eagles will produce tons of runs—their solid pitching staff will keep the opponent’s offense in check.
    The Bethpage Eagles are coming off a rugged offseason, full of winter workouts preparing for the spring. After an above average season last year, the team is looking to learn from their mistakes and start the season off on the right foot. Making sure the Eagles are mentally focused and ready for any situation that comes about is extremely important. “[If kids do not] get flustered and down on themselves during games, it will make winning that much easier,” according to coach Michael Valenti.
    The Eagles’ chant in the huddle between innings is two claps, leading to WWE legend Rick Flair’s signature “WOOO” cry. This chant pumps up the team and gives them confidence to go out and score some runs or play unstoppable defense. Coach Valenti compares the team to the Kansas City Royals—great pitching with depth in the lineup.
    Each team in the league are getting better and better as the years go on, and so are the 10u Bethpage Eagles. Coach Valenti says it is “[the Eagles’] job to be as prepared as possible for each matchup.”
    The Bethpage Eagles are extremely excited to do some damage in 2016.