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Glen Cove Cardinals - 8u

By Mikey Domagala , 05/01/16, 3:30PM EDT


  The 8u Glen Cove Cardinals, lead by Jordan Robinson, Andrew Piccirillo, Sebastian Figueroa, and Christian Costantino are ready for success. After a fun, hardworking offseason, the Cardinals are looking forward to playing in 2016 with Hot Stove Baseball.
    The Cardinals’ strong points are their offense and defensive abilities. Jordan Robinson will look to throw heat—along with the rest of the pitching staff—to shut down opponents and give the Cardinals easy opportunities to win ballgames. According to coach Patrick Annello, the Glen Cove Cardinals will “take it one game at a time.” Coach Annello continues, “each game is a learning experience, an opportunity to improve as a team.”
    The Glen Cove Cardinals are compared to the New York Mets—solid pitching staff, with the ability to put some runs on the board.
    When asked which team would be the hardest to beat, coach Annello confidently said, “us; we won’t give up.”

The 2016 8u Glen Cove Cardinals - Jordan Robinson #1, Andrew Piccirillo #11, Sebastian Figueroa #27, Christian Costantino #8, Aidan Annello #3, JoJo Leftwich #9, Matthew Jackson #2, Jayden Ramirez #12, Dylan iriyatamwong, Chris Gianoukakis #15, Robbie Malvino #5, Patrick Annello #99, Kyree Robinson #7