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Preview of the Whitestone Renegades

By Josh Choi, 02/09/19, 2:00PM EST


One of the most profound baseball clubs in the Queens borough, the Whitestone Renegades have attain numerous achievements in multiple Hot Stove seasons and other regional tournaments. In their past nine tournaments, the Renegades clinched their spot in the finals four times. The Renegades are prominent for their accelerated skills of the game, as they have been in the conversations for many mainstream youth tournaments — Gameday USA, Hot Stove, Hot Stove Bonanza, Frozen Ropes, and Baseball Heaven — and consistently ranked as semifinalists or finalists.

This is all thanks to Artistic Stitch Sports Complex and former Major League pitcher Allen Watson, who have utilized their time to help develop these promising Renegades, especially during the winter offseason. With all their accomplishments in local travel team tournaments, they were recognized by the New York Mets for a couple of times; the Whitestone Ballclub were given shoutouts, as they were awarded for their unending integrity on the field.

Although various coaches and scouts feel that the Whitestone Renegades need to improve their abilities at the plate, the pitching staff and the impenetrable defense help the Renegades shine and win multiple outings. The notable names for the Whitestone Ballclub include George Tsorbatzoglou, Jake Schubert, and Frankie Mezzanotte; meanwhile, Costa Sakianos has continually ameliorated over the outings, also making a statement for himself to consider in the conversation. These Whitestone Renegades have played as a threat for their opponents, and they do not fear any team that is standing in their way. Stay tuned for more of their rousing ballgames.